My Friend Leonard by James Frey

Took me quite awhile to want to read this after the controversy about “A Million Little Pieces” and I finally borrowed it from the school library. Oddly enough, I didn’t find the memoir/fiction debate of “A Million Little Pieces” enough to remove it from the wannabe list for a class novel so I’m not sure why I hesitated over “My Friend Leonard” which I did find a tolerable read and. although it is categorized “Dewey-ly” into fiction, still seems to blur the line. I think I would recommend it to anyone who has read “A Million Little Pieces” only because it ties up loose ends, so to speak, or continues, and concludes, the story of a number of characters. The pseudo stream of consciousness style, which is used inconsistently throughout, irritated me, sort of like the summer whine of a mosquito might just as you are settling into sleep on a drowsy summer evening.


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