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The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

Did you read Francis Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden” as a child? The sub plot of this novel weaves in to the life of “The Secret Garden” and out to the modern day search of a granddaughter to solve the … Continue reading

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Intervention by Robin Cook

Ok, I’ll admit that I really like a good mystery and adding a psychological twist or a scientific / medical dilemma, like Cook’s novels usually have, intrigues me even further. Intervention, however, seems to be a thinly veiled diatribe by … Continue reading

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Mocking Jay by Suzanne Collins

The third of the Hunger Games trilogy left me feeling unsatisfied especially as I picked it up from our local bookstore, Laughing Oyster,

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My Friend Leonard by James Frey

Took me quite awhile to want to read this after the controversy about “A Million Little Pieces” and I finally borrowed it from the school library. Oddly enough, I didn’t find the memoir/fiction debate of “A Million Little Pieces” enough … Continue reading

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A poem, a video, a beautifully reflective piece, and Canadian, eh.

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The Queen’s Fool by Philippa Gregory

Seem to be consuming works of historical fiction and am not sure whether it’s because they have touches of cheesy romances or because I’m interested in the “real” lives of English royalty. Gregory has a distinguished educational pedigree as far … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Am rereading this novel which I did with my Grade 8’s as a class novel in Semester 2 of the 2009/10 school year.  It intrigued me, thank you Mrs. Megan Haut for the “recommend to read”, as well as some … Continue reading

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